The Cure is a cartoon top-down twin-stick shooter taking place in a city plagued by an airborne zombie virus. A timer representing your infection level acts as a health bar while taking hits from zombies accelerates the infection by dropping your time to zero.
The Cure features a modular and bullet-hell style gun crafting mechanic that leads to unique gun combinations and stats. Gameplay design was heavily keyed towards providing a zombie-filled city of comedic props and weaponry to freely maneuver through. 
My Responsibilities:
Designed Combat and Gameplay for enemies, powerups, and guns
● Balanced gun crafting and progression systems
Scripted enemy, powerup, and gun related events 
Directed design team, SFX, and documentation
Team Size: 8
Engine: Unity 5
Platform: PC
Development Period: 16 Weeks
Download and play The Cure on​​​​​​​
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