Ransacked is a Third-Person Stealth game where a player controls a thief who can steal nearly everything, fitting it in their magical bottomless bag. The player travels between the Thieves Guild sewers and the aristocratic village above, looting homes for their valuables and making it back to the Guild below without getting caught by the patrolling guards.
Ransacked features a wide variety of props, from jewels to large furniture, that players may steal. The player uses the gold gained from the stolen items to purchase hints from an Informant in the Guild, giving the player a riddle pointing to the location of Legendary loot items. 

MY Responsibilities:
Design and Placement of themed loot population system in village and hub 
●  Balancing Gear effects, loot weight/volume values, and overall gameplay
● Scripting legendary runs for key levels with riddles and challenges
● Team Size: 12
● Engine: Unity 4
● Platform: PC
 Current Development Period: 16 weeks 
Download and play the current version of Racksacked on Itch.io!
Ransacked is still in development, so check back on Itch or on Twitter for any developer updates or news.
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